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Founded by Adriano Agosti, the GoldenPeaks Capital Foundation operates in many countries where young people have little opportunity to develop and realise their potential. For the Agosti family, children embody the future and investing in them ensures the greatest possible hope for the future.

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“You can think that what we do is just a drop in the ocean of need, but every drop counts towards creating an oasis.”
Adriano AgostiFounder and Patron

About Us

Reciprocity is an important principle of the GoldenPeaks group and the Foundation, set up as a family initiative by Adriano Agosti, was formed as a means to give back and empower communities less fortunate that our own.

The GoldenPeaks group has evolved over 50 years of international business enterprise, and during that time Adriano has come across many disadvantaged communities is his enterprise zone.

Healthcare, education and lack of resources often compromise young people who would otherwise clearly thrive. With this in mind, the Foundation takes an entrepreneurial view, giving funds and/or facility to those who will use the resources to create wellness and enterprise momentum.

A few of our projects

The Sumba Foundation

The foundation is fully committed to helping the people of Sumba prosper while preserving and respecting the cultural traditions of its people.
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Child’s Dream Foundation

Having followed their work for several years, from 2021 the GoldenPeaks Foundation is partnering with the Child’s Dream Foundation. In doing we actively support their 6 main programmes.
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PlumVillage Foundation

The Plum Village was founded by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh in France, where he developed his iconic light and gentle style of mindfulness practice that is now familiar around the world.

The Plum Village tradition is practiced and taught through 11 official mindfulness practice centres and over 1,000 local Sanghas (communities of practitioners) worldwide.
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Doctors for Doctors Foundation

As of 2021, the GoldenPeaks Capital Foundation actively supports the ‘Doctors for Doctors Foundation’ which is based in Poland. The ‘Doctors for Doctors Foundation’ sets out to improve the living conditions of doctors and dentists and their families who find themselves in a difficult financial situation due to serious personal or family ill-health.
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Improved refugee camps in the Middle East

Turkey-Syria border
The GoldenPeaks Capital Foundation and GoldenPeaks Capital Holdings has partnered with the Turkey-based building company Standart Grup to build permanent refugee camps on the Syrian-Turkish border.
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The Catholic Mission on Assomada

Praia Island, Cape Verde
The GoldenPeaks Capital Foundation supports a Catholic Mission on Assomada, a small mountain-village on the island of Praia. There, under the guidance of Sister Angelina and her nuns, over 100 children aged between one and four are looked after from early morning until the evening.
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World Central Kitchen food relief programme

America and the World
GoldenPeaks Capital Foundation supports the expanding charity World Central Kitchen, owned by the celebrity chef José Andrés. WCK sets up field kitchens globally to feed thousands of people fresh, often hot meals at the scene of a pandemic, hurricane, earthquake, tornado or flood. As part of #ChefsForAmerica – a nationwide emergency food relief program - over 1 million meals have been provided from local restaurants and delivered to Americans in need.
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